Green Minx, The

Cheerful Mischevous Halfling Forester Primary Skills: Ranged Combatant Secondary Skills: Tracking, Trap Disabling


Urban Ranger 4:
ST: 16 DX: 16 (18) CN: 12 IN: 10 WS: 12 CH: 12
HP: 36/
AC: 19
CMB: +6 CMD: 18
Base attack: +4
Saves: Ref: +8 Fort: +6 Will: +3

Feats: Deadly Aim, Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot
Special: Favored Enemy: Magical Beasts, Trap Finding, Natural bond w/ Viper
Spell: Longstrider

Attacks: Staff Sling: Single: 8 1d68, Multiple: 6/6 1d6+8
Melee Staff: Single: 9 1d64

Climb 1: +9
Acrobatics 3: +9
Disable Device 4: +10
Handle Animal 3: +4
Knowledge Local 4: +7
Perception 4: +10
Stealth 4: +15
Survival 4: +8

Equipment: Chain Shirt, Gloves of Dex 2, _1 Staff Sling_ , Tent, Bedroll, 50 feet of rope, MW climbing gear.

The Green Minx is a young halfling who is herself an escaped slave originally from Chelix. Despite her difficult youth, she maintains a cheerful outlook on life and doesn’t hold grudges. She is very concerned with doing what is right and seeking adventure, but isn’t very good at thinking through the larger consequences of her actions. She enjoys stories, sight seeing, encountering new peoples and creatures. Alignment: Chaotic Good

Green Minx, The

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