Sasha the Ghostwatched

Haunted Warrior from Ulstav. Primary Role: Heavy Fighter Secondary talents: Minor healing, tracking.


St: 18 DX: 14 CN: 14 IN: 8 Ws: 10 CH: 14
HP: 45/ (53/ )
AC: 19 / 17 raging or enlarged / 15 while both
Base attack: +3
CMB: +7 / +9
CMD: 19 / 21
Saves: Fort: +5 Will: +3 Ref: +2

Special abilities: Rage: 11 rnds/day Rage Powers: Lesser Spirit Totem, Uncanny Dodge, Curse: Haunted, Revelation: Sudden charge (move as immediate action) 1/day.
Feats: Toughness, Power Attack, Extra Rage.

Full attack (normal/power attack): Greatsword: 8 2d66 / 7 2d69
Rage attack (normal/power attack): Greatsword 10 2d69/ 9 2d611 and Spirit 5 1d42
Enlarged: As above, but add 1d6+1
Ranged: 6 Chakram or Pilum 1d84/1d8+6 (Raging)

Spells: 1st: (5/ ) Enlarge Person, Divine Favor, Shield of Faith, Cure Light Wounds


Acrobatics 4: 9 (6)
Climb 1: 7 (7)
Craft: Artist 1: 4
Handle Animal 1: +6
Perception 4: +7
Ride 2: +6
Survival 4: +7
Swim 2: +7 (

Equipment:+1 Agile Breastplate, MW Greatsword, MW Lucerne Hammer, 5x Masterwork Chakram,5x MW pillum, MW Composite Longbow (+3 strength), 30 arrows w/ quiver Wand of Magic Weapon (2/day), Tent, Blankets, Personal basics, 100 feet of rope, MW climbing gear, artist’s kit.

Sasha is Sonya’s twin sister and they are the sole survivors of their small village in mountains of Ulstaav which was destroyed by the sudden appearance of a banshee sorceress, believed to be a once-servant of the Whispering Tyrant. Sasha was left haunted by the experience (both literally and figuratively) and tends to be on the quiet side, though is very protective of her friends and sister. The minor ghosts and poltergeists that follow her around are a mixed blessing, causing occasional annoyances and spooky phenomenon while also manifesting in battle to aid her through mystic means. Alignment: Neutral Good

Sasha the Ghostwatched

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